DNC Monshemvula - Biography

Genre: Various





DNC Monshemvula is a rapper-singer, songwriter and composer from Democratic Republic of Congo. He sings in French and his local national language Lingala. Born into modest family of 7 children , 4 girls and 3 boys, in which he is the fifth child, DNC Monshemvula grew up with his mother , brothers and sisters in Kinshasa the Capital of Democratic Republic of Congo precisely in Matonge district where he’s leading his ghetto life. Matonge district is known as a very busy and popular place in Kinshasa where most of famous Congolese musicians grew up.

During his childhood, DNC Monshemvula was listening more international music than local music. He was listening more to the late TUPAC SHAKUR songs who is his role model in music.

Only in 2004 he decided to become « The Messenger Rapper » with mission to let the world know about what happening in his war torn country Democraty Republic of Congo ; and he formed with other local rappers in the band called « MAKAVELI », but the band just lasted 7 months. After their split he decided to form his own Hip-Hop band « MAC-ELI OUTLAWZ » and he released his first single « Evolution RPK » followed by another single « GAETAN VANDALE » in 2007 and its remix in 2008. His new and first album entitled « PANIK TOTAL » is the fruit of his 9 years of music career expérience in which DNC Monshemvula is singing about the lifelong war and corruption affecting his country DR Congo to develop.

His new album « PANIK TOTAL » will undoubtedly give him the international recognition he deserves.