Renato Mondele - Biography

Genre: Ndombolo, Soukous, Dance


renato mondele



Renato Mondele is a Congolese musician, songwriter and composer who started his music career in Kinshasa the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo with superstar general Defao's band BIG STAR. He has also performed with the King of Soukous Music Kanda Bongo Man on his UK and world tours and in many big UK festivals such as Glastonbury, WOMAD, Africa oye … and in Jools Holland BBC Program "Later… with Jools Holland". He has performed with other rumba and Soukous music stars such as Mbilia Bel and Shimita.

In 2005 Renato Mondele decided to form his own band LOKITO YA CONGO which he fronts up to now playing concerts and festivals around the world. He also holds music workshops in the UK teaching Drum and Rumba Music Techniques to kids, youths and adults. Renato Mondele is gifted musician who plays a variety of instruments including Drums and Lead guitar.