Alain Bompeti - Biography

Genre: Gospel


alain bompeti



Alain Bompeti is a dynamic worshiper, a multi-talented gospel musician and songwriter. He was born in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Kinshasa is on the River Congo in the West of the country, where Lingala and French are the principal local language. Alain was brought up in a family, under a strict Christian upbringing. At the tender age he started singing in the local churches taking up every opportunity to sing that he could.
After terminated his high school, Alain moved to Brussels where he continued with his studies and there he was solicited by many local gospel bands to perform along with them because of his powerful voice and gospel lyrics he always improvise during gospel music performances.
Only when he moved to London to continue his studies, he has decided to pursue his long heart desire of becoming a gospel music star. He has released in 2009 his debut album “coulisse” which means “hidden life”; the success of his debut album introduced him to world gospel music. His music has played a major role in taking African traditional Gospel music to another dimension in England. Since then he has performed in various gospel concerts and shows in United Kingdom.
His new album “INTIMITE” (Intimacy with God) was inspired by what he has experienced and the favour God gave him during his life. This album is filled with amazing songs with lyrics that would minister many people around the world. The songs are in Lingala and French, accompanied with traditional and modern African rhythms.